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Ending a Marriage is Hard. The Divorce Process Shouldn’t Make it Worse. Now, Online Divorce in Californa

Leigh Parsons

Licensed California Family Law Attorney and Mediator

Some divorcing couples feel so bitter and betrayed that they aren’t able or willing to play fair. In those cases, they may need a traditional divorce, each with their own attorney who fights to get their client the best deal. This can be a drawn out, expensive and destructive process.

On the other hand,  when a splitting couple has the goal of coming to mutual agreements that work for all, my virtual divorce system offers a more respectful, faster and more affordable solution to dissolving their marriage which is better for everyone, especially when there are children involved.

I  am an attorney who provides online divorce in California with expert advice and coaching, convenient evening and weekend hours, and meetings by video conference. I help your family come up with creative solutions to divide things you own and owe, create parenting plans for your children, and work out all of the details needed to get on with your new lives.

What Our Clients Say

  • When I turned in my divorce forms today, the Court Clerk told me that in 10 years she never seen someone with their all the correct forms filled out properly. When I started this process I was so lost and overwhelmed. You have helped through this tough time. I just really wanted to say "thank you."

    Coaching Client
  • I really can't believe we were able to work out our sticky issues without getting derailed. You really did a great job of listening and offering creative ideas that made separating households less traumatic.

    Mediation Client

The Benefits of an Online Divorce in California


Get an online divorce in California with mediation services provided by videoconference and never step foot in a courtroom or waste time driving to an attorney’s office. All of your legal forms and agreements are done for you and filed with the Court. Convenient evening and weekend hours.


California requires a minimum 6 month time period to get a divorce finalized.

Typically it takes longer than that just to fill out the legal forms when you’re doing it yourself. Then there’s Court processing time on top of that.

When you get our legal help you can have the legal forms and legally binding agreements done for you faster, and on your schedule, and submit them to the Court for processing as soon as possible.


Our videoconference mediation sessions help your family find fair and creative ways to split things you own and owe and create solid, workable plans for your children. When you work out your issues with our mediator’s help the Courts will never have to make decisions for you.


Our up-front and transparent fixed fee divorce pricing “packages” offer you a steep discount and eliminate anxiety related to open-ended hourly billing. We offer three levels of service, based on typical levels of complexity.  A divorce package can easily be customized for you to take into account your unique issues.

If you’re not ready for a divorce package, look into a coaching package and get all of your divorce questions answered.



Step One: Schedule a Free 15 Minute Call

Before starting your divorce process schedule a call with us to go over the best options for your situation to experience a quicker, less painful and more affordable divorce. If you’ve already started your divorce we can still help you finish your case.

Schedule Your Free Fifteen Minute Call

Step Two: Choose The Divorce Package For Your Situation

Choose the all-inclusive online divorce package that’s right for your situation. Don’t see one that fits? Call so we can create a custom package for you.

Or, if you or your spouse aren’t ready for that, consider Divorce Coaching with me to learn about divorce law and the divorce process as it specifically relates to your family.

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Step Three: Schedule a Get Started Online Consultation Session

I’m an experienced California Family Law Attorney and Mediator, who believes divorce shouldn’t have to be so painful. In fact, it can be transformative. I help your family come up with fair and creative ways to split things you own and owe and create healthy plans for the children. I will answer your questions, fill out your legal forms for you, and file your documents so you can get on with your lives.

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Not Quite Ready? Divorce Coaching

If you are not ready for a complete and cost-effective divorce package, or you prefer an à la carte or do-it-yourself method, we offer hourly divorce coaching by the hour or divorce coaching packages, too.  We provide you information about divorce law, the divorce process, and answer questions so you can make your own decisions.

We can provide advice or mediation on an hourly basis as needed.

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